Excellent performance management

You may only understand how effectively your company is achieving key business objectives by evaluating and measuring your KPIs.

Based on KPIs companies make decisions at all levels: from every sales manager to executives.

The question is how effectively we manage them.

I’m sure you might be able to recollect a few situations when departments presented reports with contradictory figures and all of them were proving that theirs is the only right one…

Or a situation when sales dropped and no one can say why, even though having real time reports at hand…

  • Do we understand how our Logistics influence our business? Does it cause any losses?
  • Why figures in my Revenue report from Finance and Marketing departments differ?
  • Do we know how Marketing Campaigns influence our Profit?

Simple questions, but it may be a real headache to answer them,

* If your KPIs are not defined

Decision making becomes intuitive and not fact-based in companies that do not have unified and clear KPI definitions and calculation formulas across departments, divisions and units. Reporting becomes contradictory and business performance goes down bringing extra costs.

* If your KPIs are not connected

Companies spend days and weeks each year on searching for causes of KPIs change. And it’s not only about wasting time. For some companies, such as retailers every hour spent on searching for a reason of goal KPIs may bring losses worth millions.

Good news! Acctiva can help.

Based on our 14-years experience and expertise in Performance Management we have developed a Performance Excellence Framework (or PEX Framework, for short).

The PEX Framework is a structured and interrelated system of KPI’s linked to business functions and decision areas that ensures that all aspects of business are properly monitored and reported.

It contains exact definitions of all business terms and KPIs, gives description of reports and allows to analyse performance issues in a quick and efficient manner.

PEX Framework gives industry best practiced KPIs with their definitions and relations, which you may use “as is” or as a frame for structuring and discovering gaps in your existing KPIs.

With the help of structured KPIs you receive unified and accurate information in your company eliminating contradictions in reports.

PEX Framework will bring your company performance to an excellent level.

To improve your performance or to evaluate how excellent your KPIs perform, schedule your demo with us. We can’t wait to tell you more.

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