Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is all about getting a full meaning
of your data just in time to make a critical managerial decision.

We understand your challenges and know how to address them
with the right method and tailored technology solution.


  • You have set ambitious and demanding strategic goals, but you find it difficult to evaluate
    how daily results contribute to your long-term strategy.
  • Your reporting is fragmented so that it takes time and significant manual efforts to compile
    information for supporting your business decisions.
  • Your managers and analysts have difficulties in obtaining data; even overloading IT department
    with constant data requests they still face delays in analysis of business events.


Data access strategy
Business and functional requirements
Tools selection
Data sources analysis
Solution architecture
User layer
Query, report and analytics
Technical architecture
Data model and data mart
Semantic layer
Reports, analytics and dashboards
User role access
BI data model and physical database
Semantic layer
Reports, analytics and dashboards
Users interface customization
Testing strategy and readiness
Data model and semantic layer
Repository objects
Performance tuning
Solution deployment
Knowledge transfer
User and admin training
Solution documentation
Post production support
Performance monitoring
Maintaining and upgrading
Operational discovery


  • Effective monitoring of strategic initiatives with early warning of potential risks and problems, enabled by accurate and timely delivered performance indicators.
  • Continuous discovery of new areas for potential growth and better allocation of business resources, facilitated by analytical tools and methods.
  • Improvements in productivity and efficiency of business processes, accelerated by better decision making at both strategic and operational levels.

Case Study

  • A bank had 3 separate DWH systems for different data areas, but this data was not integrated for reporting. Analytical reports were generated exclusively by IT in the form of data sheets with no possibility for interactive analysis. Users received reports with delays.
  • We implemented Analytical Reporting System based on SAP BusinessObjects for required subject areas: Credits, Deposits, Current Accounts etc. It included database for integrating data from subject areas into data mart and analytical reporting tool.
  • In 6 months the client received a set of over 200 ready-to-use analytical reports and 8 universes for ad-hoc analysis delivery. The bank received complete and correct data about their clients, accounts and transactions.