Software is essential when it comes to solving complex business tasks.
But it does not mean that software implementation itself shall be complex.

With vast experience in all kinds of software solutions we are determined to
always look for a simpler approach.

Take a look at our fine selection of innovative software products.
We have chosen them for solving specific business tasks easier, quicker and cheaper.

Most companies still use Excel despite all complex information systems they have. The problem is that it is difficult to control quality of data in compound Excel spreadsheets. Still worse with collaborative spreadsheet editing.

With Vena you still work with your existing Excel spreadsheets, which become an interface to a secure database with all your data in it. Vena is quickly adopted by users and easily integrated into any information landscape. Being reasonably priced it saves all your prevoius investments into Excel applications.

Vena turns ordinary Excel into an extraordinary enterprise solution...
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ETL development is an essential part of data integration efforts. The more ETL code you produce the more difficult it is to maintain its quality. Negligence in following code development standards may influence on how much efforts you need to read and understand your code and overall, on system performance.

Undraleu is an automated ETL code review tool that helps to quickly review code on its compliance to your standards and maintain its quality in an easy and agile manner. Affordable price and an out-of-the-box concept makes it simple to take control over your ETL development.

Be assured in your ETL code quality...
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